Prom Night Popping

slim petite beautiful girl popping huge balloons
Slim sexy babe Kayla Jane was coming back from her Prom when she saw a lot of big colorful balloons in one of the party rooms of the hotel. She felt a lustful fetish urge inside her body. The hot brunette carried her drunk boyfriend to their room and dropped him on the bed. Then the looner girl ran downstairs to the party room and jumped on the balloons. One of them popped, but she was not scared. Instead she felt happy and at the same time a little bit horny. The covered with tattoos petite model stripped her clothes and continued popping the innocent balloons, while touching her sweet pink pussy. Though that was not enough…the firm ass babe also found that blowing the balloons until they pop gave her great pleasure too. The kinky fetish video and huge image gallery (267 pics) are posted below. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!

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