Balloon Popping Teacher

tattoo girl popping balloons
Hot and sexy elementary school teacher Kyla Jane discovered a new fulfilling fetish in her life. One day after preparing the classroom for a birthday party she sat on the soft red carpet. Kyla was very tired after blowing around 30 colorful balloons. She needed to stick something in her pussy in order to recharge herself. Tattoo babe Kyla grabbed one of the thick pens laying around. Accidentally the slim fashion model popped a huge burstable balloon, which scared her a lot at first…but after a few moments she felt her tight little pussy wet and juicy. Kyla popped another big balloon and the satisfaction grew bigger. She stripped her red leather lingerie and began smashing the innocent balloons with her firm tight ass. Stay tuned to watch part 2 of this balloon fetish saga! For Part 1 we posted 70 images and a video clip below. Watch Trailer!

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